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Hey ho, folks! ElectroCereal here, opening his brand new piece-of-shit blog. Not hoping much people will come around here, either, but meh...still want to open it and see what happens, you know? (also, i've got to open a blog for uploading my photography class' stuff -__-). Anyway, the design of this isn't finished, i'll try to do something more original and add some stuff of mine...or at least i'll try to do so..LOL

Enough talk! Let's get serious on this!
Here's a little work i did for my photography subject in my uni. Not a big deal, but still had fun doing it. Just some polaroid photos (damn, polaroid photopaper is pretty fucking expensive, but taking the photos is hell of fun!!) to represent what do we like or don't like. Here they are!!

First two. That's "I like to live my dream" (as in "i like to be comic artist, of course" xD) and "I don't like not having goals". Not much to say about it. The "professional" pair, isn't it?

Two more. "I like to dye my hair" and "I don't like to sweat". The aesthetical two.

Another two! "I like magic and occultism" (booooo spooky me! ROFL!) and "I don't like the churchs". I don't know how to translate that..it's not that i don't like the building itselfs or anything like that. It's more that i don't like the major religions or "the organized ones", hope i make myself clear. I think God, and oneself relation with him is something personal and private, and everyone has to find the best way for him and the style of praising that fits himself, not being guided by geezers that tells everyone the same crap without bothering about the individual problems that anyone has. That's why i don't like religions. (i hope i made myself clear about that, it's difficult as hell to explain my points in english! T__T)

Last two!! "I like the cold" and "I don't like shorts". Easy one!

Hope you've enjoyed it!! See ya next entry!!

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Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds


Möbius said...

Yeah jajaja nice! Siempre mola leer tus entradas aunque sea en "crappy blogs" xD ¿Que ocurrió con tu livejournal?

uchihashamey said...

furcia!! Me ha molao la última foto XDDD
Y eso eso, qué pasó con LJ? LJ mola, LJ FTW, LJ etc etc...

ElectroCereal said...

LJ me lo dejé cuando el mundo era joven y mi aburrimiento mayor. Nah, yo que se, me aburría un poco, no tenía ningún motivo ese livejournal ni un "rumbo" o propósito xD me lo hice por comentarle a shamy las movidas y poco mas xDDDDD
Gracias a los dos por los comments! :D

Kashiita said...

wai!! pues te seguire por aqui!!!

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