Um Jammer Lammy!!

Posted by ElectroCereal On 10.20.2009 3 Comments

Hey ho!! How's it going, folks?

Just updating the blog with some new stuff. We, burnin' flamers, are gonna do some jams every 15 days and here's the first of all!!

Celebrating the return of Black Cat to comics, we chosed her as our first character, and there's no Black Cat without Spidey! (Black one, one of the coolest of all! fuckyeah!) So, here they are!

This time only Nema, DarkO and Cookie (and myself, of course) got their drawings in time, but next jams will be bigger (and with special guests! stay tuned!!). Hope you dig!

Also, here's my first entry on the jam xD rejected 'cos it was not so sketchy and too much clean and finished for a jam style. Still like it tho.

P.S: Yeah, the title of the entry is an old PSX game, so what xDD


Krieg_Korp said...

Fuck yeah el spierman+blackcat es brutal Jojojojo. ¿El jam session no se puede ver en mas grande?
Nice work!!!

ElectroCereal said...

Que raro...debería ser un thumbnail y poder abrirse O.o. Pásate por mi pagina de devi que ahi está en buen tamaño xD

Viki Cookie said...


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